I know plenty of people that can’t stand flipflops because something sitting between their toes is irritating. So the thought of a athletic shoe with separate slots for each toe repulses them. They refuse to try minimalist running shoes because minimalist, in their minds, is synonymous toe shoes.

“Why on Earth, even despite all the benefits, would I ever wear a shoe that separates all of my toes when I can’t even stand a flipflop?”

I even asked this question myself when I discovered barefoot running shoes. I can wear flipflops without cringing, but the thought of individually nestled toes was not appealing.

Well, the answer isn’t in giving more benefits or telling people that you just get used to it. The answer is in the definition. Minimalist doesn’t mean your toes have to be separated. You can have all the benefits of minimalist footwear without having to put something between your toes. Minimalist shoes like the Osma by Feelmax offer you minimalist running shoes without the toe aggravation.

The definition of minimalist footwear has been obscured by the popularity of toe shoes and socks. But minimalist shoes have to do with getting your feet back to nature, not keeping your toes apart. The main features that make the Osma running shoe minimalist are its lightweight design and its zero rise heel. And it doesn’t even separate your toes.

Toe shoes really are just a subset of minimalist footwear. The benefits of minimalist shoes are not just found in these very popular toe shoes. Minimalist shoes allow your feet to operate under a more natural rhythm. Minimalist shoes, like the Osma, allow your arches and calves to absorb the shock from running.

Your heels were never designed as shock absorbers, they were designed to help you balance as you run. They also allows your Achilles tendon to be be properly stretched, thus avoiding issues that can arise with injuries. Traditional shoes can cause your tendon to shorten and lead to injuries. However, you do not have to wear toe shoes to receive these benefits.

So, if you want to try to get your feet back to nature with minimalist footwear, but loathe the idea pigeonholing your piggies, try the Osma by Feelmax.

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