When you get your first pair of minimalist shoes, you may want to just throw them on and go for a 10 mile run. But before you go full swing, follow these few simple steps to ensure that your experience will be the best possible.

The first thing to keep in mind is the length of time you wear the shoes initially.  Just like you should do with any new running shoes, your work outs must be established slowly. Before you attempt to use them for a long period, you should initially use the Feelmax minimalist shoes for short periods so the foot can become comfortable with the different level of support. Your feet have been stuck in an unnatural position in modern shoes most of their lives.

Change, even good change, can be a hard at first. Don’t overtax your feet.

Second, when you try on your shoes, try to notice the difference. Take note of the positioning and actions of your feet in your new Feelmax shoes. Can you feel the difference when you run or walk? Can you spot the difference between Feelmax, other minimalist shoes, and traditional footwear? Feelmax shoes are specially designed to contour to the foot, while other shoes contour your foot to the shoe.

Experience different terrains

Try out Feelmax on different landscapes. Use them when you are in training and in your free time.  Check out how they feel on the beach, the woods, the road, your home carpet, or a grassy field. You will find that a track, a beach, a field, or a leaf covered path offer varied feelings for your feet. Feelmax will give you better control over every terrain type.

Give your foot a break after strenuous workouts

One of the best times to try out your new footwear is after an activity that requires footwear that is hard on your feet, like rollerblading or bowling. The flexible Feelmax shoe fits into a very small space, so you can keep it with you wherever you go. Stick them in your purse or even your pockets to pull out whenever you need them.

As a bonus fifth step, enjoy the new freedom that your feet now have!

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