The New Trend in Running Shoes

Minimalist running shoes are the new catching trend among avid runners. These specialty shoes help reduce the risk of chronic injuries secondary to the repetitive motion from running in the traditionally thick padded shoes that most of us are used to.

The “minimalist running shoe” trend is growing so much that marathon runners are now embracing these barefoot running shoes to decrease the unnecessary stress upon the heals and balls of their feet from prolonged running.

Why Make The Switch?

There are multiple reasons for switching to minimalist running shoes. For example, these shoes create a more efficient stride that in effect improves a runner’s speed, running form, and helps to reduce overall injuries. Wearing these barefoot shoes can help strengthen the muscles of your feet, your ankles, and legs to help support your body when you run. The collective strengthening of these muscles encourages more balance and untapped strength.

Also, the efficiency in your running stride helps to decrease the impact forces of the heal upon landing. There will be a gentle landing on your mid or forefoot that helps to minimize injuries to the heal of the foot.

Minimalist running shoes, in general, help to create a more natural form that is similar to barefoot running.

Minimalist Runners Should Transition Slowly

Careful transition to a minimalist running shoe is very important. It is important to focus on key drills that help develop stability, balance, and strength. Slowly increasing the duration of running in your new minimalist running shoe will help with the adaptation process.

Also, trying different surfaces to run on in your new shoes will help your legs slowly adapt to this new running style and will help make your muscles stronger over time. With careful transition and proper selection, minimalist running shoes are proving to be the better option for avid runners and walkers alike.

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