As an avid hiker, I love nothing more than to get out into the woods and out on the trail to experience the great outdoors.  I love the sensation of becoming one with nature.  It’s like going back to the roots of my humanity and finding peace and serenity among the craziness of life.  I’m especially find of early morning hikes when the dew from the ground may just be lifting up beyond the tree tops and there is still moist dew covering the foliage.  The world seems so quite during these times and during these hikes.

The other day when I was out hiking with some friends, I discovered that one of my buddies was actually going barefoot for our hike.  I thought that was pretty interesting and so I inquired as to what he was thinking – why did he decide to go barefoot for this hike?  He said he wanted to experience the earth at a deeper level, and in a way that only barefoot hiking could do.  Hiking without anything on your feet, being 100% barefoot, can definitely bring you closer to the earth upon which you are walking.  I had to agree with him there.

About a half mile or so into the hike, we had to stop because my buddy had stepped on a rock that was too sharp for his exposed skin and gave him a pretty good gash along the side of his foot.  It was at this moment that I realized that barefoot hiking was not necessarily as safe or enjoyable as my buddy has previous thought.

Minimalist Hiking Boots

However, just because there are sharp objects that can cut your feet if you are barefoot, doesn’t mean you can’t experience the fullness of the ground while hiking.  It is still possible to go hiking, draw close to the earth that’s beneath your feet, and keep your feet safe all at the same time, and that’s accomplished with a pair of high quality minimal hiking boots, like those sold at

Because of the ultra thin soles of the minimalist hiking boots, you are able to have the full experience of walking barefoot.  However, because the minimalist hiking boots have a thick rubber sole and are made from high quality, tough material, you’ll also benefit from the protection that a normal pair of hiking boots can deliver.

Minimalist hiking boots, like the Kuuva from Feelmax, are super light weight, have a super thin rubber sole, and are designed specifically for letting you experience the earth beneath your feet while being fully protected, just like you would with a pair of regular hiking boots.

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