That’s a bold statement, I know!  How in the world could a pair of minimalist hiking boots actually make you stronger?

I mean, aren’t we just talking about a pair of hiking boots that have a thinner sole and lighter overall material compared to traditional hiking boots?

Yes, …yes we are.  But what’s relatively unknown (although this is changing fast) about the minimalist hiking movement is that the super thin soles, and super light weight of the hiking boot can actually deliver profound health benefits.

The health benefits of minimalist hiking boots

For starters, minimalist hiking boots can help to strengthen muscles in your feet and legs that you never even knew existed.

Because of the thin soles, your foot and no longer supported with the thick cushions of the more traditional hiking boot.  And as your foot strikes the ground, your foot will expand and contract more dramatically than it would with normal hiking boots.

This “expanding and contracting” has the effect of building the muscles in your feet and legs, both of which contributes to you building strength in your lower body.

Along with building muscles in your feet and legs, minimalist hiking boots will also encourage you to walk with better posture.

With traditional hiking boots, the heavily cushioned soles typically force your heel to be elevated above a natural level.

With minimalist hiking boots with their thin soles, your heel is back at a more natural position, which in turn contributes to you walking with a more natural posture.

Since minimalist hiking boots can contribute to increased muscle strength in your feet and legs, it only makes sense then that as you get stronger in your lower body, you’ll be to have harder, more intense workouts in your minimalist hiking boots.

And with more intense hikes, you will then be contributing to increased stamina, blood flow, and stronger blood pressure.

So as you can see, there are a lot of health benefits associated with your minimalist hiking boots.

What are some other benefits do you think you can experience as a result of wearing minimalist hiking boots?

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