Minimalist hiking, or as some people refer to it “barefoot hiking”, is a the latest trend with hikers that are wanting to get back to nature and have a deeper experience while out on the trail.  The minimalist hiker is probably the sort that has grown tired and weary of the traditional thick sole of the regular hiking boot.  Or perhaps it’s the heavy, sluggish feeling that most hiking boots are associated with.  Whatever it is, the minimalist hiker wants to experience more of the earth as they are on the trail.

If you are thinking about transitioning into the minimalist hiking world, or you are just getting started with minimalist hiking, then here’s three tips that may help you have a better, more enjoyable minimalist hiking experience!

#1:  Start out slow

You’ve heard all the advice before probably from your family and friends.  As soon as they hear you are going to switch over to the minimalist hiking lifestyle, immediately everyone becomes concerned with your health, and with your feet.  Some of that concern is warranted, however, because one of the best pieces of advice anyone new minimalist hiker can receive is to start out slow.  There’s a lot of changes that will occur with your feet that you aren’t used to.  Things like toughening up the soles of your feet, and the muscles and tendons that are now going to be worked harder – these all need time to develop and adapt.  But if you take it slow and don’t overdo it, eventually your body will make the transition just fine and you’ll be enjoying each and every hike in your minimalist hiking shoes.

#2:  Buy the right minimalist hiking boots

When it comes to the best minimalist hiking boots, you need to ensure that you are buying a pair from a company who understands the intricacies of the minimalist lifestyle.  Your minimalist hiking boots need to be thin soled, ultra light-weight, and super durable.  Basically, they need to be of the absolute highest quality in order to protect your feet and give you the best minimalist hiking experience.

The pair of hiking boots we’ve always recommended for any minimalist hiker, whether you are new and just starting out, or you are an experienced minimalist hiking guru, is the Feelmax Kuuva minimalist hiking boot.

According to, the New Kuuva boots from Feelmax feature a 2.3mm NatuRun outsole for the best barefoot feeling. While the looks will remain the same, everything else will be new: High quality Waterbuck ­leather, a new outsole pattern for better grip, a new high abrasion resistant rubber compound, and an improved boot shape with a wider shoe opening.

#3:  Choosing the right trail

Just like the importance of starting out slow in tip #1, you need to ensure that you are picking a hiking trail that is conducive with your level of expertise in hiking, and your level of buildup wearing your new minimalist hiking boots.  If you aren’t yet fully worked in to the new minimalist hiking lifestyle, then we’d recommend you start out at a more novice trail level.  And as you progress with adapting to your minimalist hiking boots, then start advancing into the higher level hiking trails.

So are you just getting started in the minimalist hiking lifestyle?  If so, what are some other tips you could share to help people who are thinking about, or who have just switched, to the minimalist hiking routine?

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