Need Church Insurance? 3 Areas Of Coverage Every Church Should Consider

church insuranceAnyone who goes to church on a regular basis knows that the church is suppose to be a place of comfort, security, and friends.  One of the biggest reasons families visit a church, and then continue attending, is the fact that the church meets their spiritual needs and also provides a place of comfort and security for for their family.

At least that’s the case here in the United States where the First Amendment to the United States Constitution grants a freedom of religion.  And because you have a right to worship anywhere you want here in the United States, families are attracted to the establishments that offer safe, fulfilling environments for both adults and their children.

Typically people don’t consider this too often, but behind the scenes at any well established church you’ll find a great need for adequate church insurance coverage.  The insurance policies for a church can be complex indeed, but there are few areas that every church probably needs to ensure proper coverage is in place.

3 Key Areas Of Coverage For Church Insurance

#1:  The Worship Center

The worship center is probably the most important part of any church insurance policy because it’s where the largest number of people are going to be gathering each week.  Anytime you have an open public environment like a church, and where people are coming together in close proximity, there always inherent dangers that loom.  Elderly folks can trip and get hurt.  Young children can be playing and end up hurting themselves or others.  Or a myriad of other risks can pop up anywhere throughout the worship center.   That’s why having adequate insurance coverage in your worship center is critically important.

#2:  Schools & Colleges

Depending on the size of your church, you may have just a school – like a pre-school for example – or you may actually have a fully accredited school system from kindergarten all the way through college.  If your church has any type of school, high school, or college on campus, then it’s obvious that you’d need adequate insurance coverage in place.  When dealing with children, literally anything can happen at any time.  And having the proper insurance coverage in place for your church is critically important to ensure the safety and protection of your schools.

#3:  Camps & Conference Centers

Finally, a third area of coverage that any church insurance policy should address is coverage for any camps or conference centers that are on church property.  Again, just like with the schools, camps are typically full of kids, especially during the summer months.  And when you have a lot of kids playing at church camp, it can be a dangerous place without proper insurance coverage.  And the conference center, just like with the worship center, is another place where large numbers of people are going to be gathering.  And this means proper insurance coverage is critically important for the church.

So what do you think about insurance coverage for the church?  Are there other areas of coverage that I didn’t touch on that you see as more important?

Let us know in the comments below!

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