Thinking about purchasing a new pair of minimalist hiking boots?  Whether you’re a long time hiker or someone just starting out, here are some times when making the decision on purchasing minimalist hiking boots!

Minimalist hiking boots are a great way for anyone that’s wanting a more “barefoot hiking” experience.  Minimalist hiking boots can be the perfect way for you to dive head first into the barefoot hiking movement without having to physically go without hiking boots.  But when it comes to purchasing your new pair of minimalist hiking boots, consider these points first.

#1:  Running in minimalist hiking boots

I know, it sounds strange, but a big reason that people purchase minimalist hiking boots is for running during the winter months.  When the weather gets all snowy, cold, and blustery, it can be a serious road block to your running schedule.  That’s where a great pair of minimalist hiking boots, like the Kuuva by Feelmax, comes in handy and keep you on schedule with your running routine.

Minimalist hiking boots are thin and super light weight, yet they are are highly engineered to keep your feet warm during the cold weather.  And that’s exactly why runners in cold climates turn to the minimalist hiking boot as an alternative to running shoes in the cold, snowy weather.

#2:  Protection in minimalist hiking boots

The minimalist footwear movement has been growing in popularity for the past several years now and more people are making the switch to the minimalist hiking boot as a way to “feel & experience” the ground more as they are hiking.  Minimalist hikers, or barefoot hikers as they are sometimes called, have the desire to fully experience the ground while hiking as if they were 100% barefoot.  But not all of these people are ready to tackle the trails without any boots on their feet whatsoever.  So the hikers turn to the minimalist hiking boots as their alternative.

Protection is key for minimalist hikers.  With most minimalist hiking boots having super thin rubber soles, protection on the hiking trails is critically important.  But protection shouldn’t outweigh the experience of being barefoot – it’s a fine balance that only the highest quality minimalist hiking boot achieves, like the Kuuva by Feelmax.

#3:  Comfort in minimalist hiking boots

Just because protection is at the top of the list of importance for minimalist hikers, comfort can never be compromised.  After all, if you can’t enjoy your minimalist hiking boots and experience the utmost in comfort, then you aren’t going to be a minimalist hiker for long.  The whole point of wearing minimalist hiking boots is to enjoy them in comfort while drawing closer to nature by feeling the trail under your feet.

So what about you?  What are the most important aspects of your minimalist hiking boots?

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