3 Tips To Getting Cheap Auto Insurance in Atlanta

Cheap car insurance in Atlanta can be a challenge, especially considering the massive traffic jams that result in higher auto accident rates.  But there are a few steps you can take to getting lower rates.

If you live in or around Atlanta, you know that traffic is nightmare.  I never feel more sorry for someone than when I hear they have to make a daily commute into Atlanta for work.  I’m thankful, of course, that my friends have jobs and are at least working.

But the fact that people have to fight the traffic jams in Atlanta is discouraging at best.

If I’m not mistaken, Atlanta is one of the worst cities in America for commuting to and from work.  And trust me, one trip down 316 coming out of Gwinnett County, or traveling down I-85 early in the morning will quickly show you why this is the case.

With all of this traffic comes a lot of auto accidents.  It just goes without saying that people in Atlanta are always in a huge hurry.  And with all the traffic jammed up on the roads, accidents are abundant throughout the city.

Cheap Car Insurance in Atlanta

The problem is, with all of these auto accidents happening in Atlanta, it can sometimes be challenging for those of us living in Atlanta to find cheap car insurance.  Now when I say “cheap”, I’m not referring to a worthless auto insurance policy.  What I mean by cheap car insurance is car insurance that provides adequate and necessary coverage at a great price, and is easy to find in Atlanta.

Even though finding cheap car insurance in Atlanta can be challenge, here’s three tips that you can apply today to dramatically increase your chances of getting the best car insurance rates, and the best car insurance coverage, in Atlanta, Georgia.

#1:  Group Car Insurance Discounts

A lot of people these days belong to groups or organizations like the military, Sam’s Club, or even student associations.  Belonging to a group that’s established, and has a strong history in the community is a great place to start your search for cheap car insurance.

In Atlanta, there are a lot of different universities, military bases, and organizations throughout the city and the surrounding suburbs.  Finding an organization should be a pretty easy task for anyone living in Atlanta, and the search could be well worth the effort.

People who are part of established organizations can sometimes find discounts on auto insurance.  These groups negotiate auto insurance rates from national insurance companies that are present in Atlanta, and then pass these discounts down to their members.

#2:  Infrequent Driver Discounts

If you live in Atlanta, then perhaps you are one of the smart ones who decides to take advantage of the abundant public transportation options that are available.  From local bus routes to the city wide Marta system, public transportation options are everywhere in Atlanta.

And if you are a frequent user of these public transportation options, then you may qualify for an “infrequent driver discount” from your local insurance agent in Atlanta.

The best thing to do for inquiring about this discount is to simply contact the best auto insurance agent in Atlanta!

#3:  Grouping Policies For Cheaper Car Insurance

Finally, the age old strategy of grouping all of your insurance policies into one policy has always been a sure ticket to getting a discount on your individual car insurance rates.

If you live in Atlanta and you commute to and from work each day, you may also be a homeowner, boat owner, and perhaps you even have life insurance.

If this is the case, then grouping your insurance policies under one insurance company in Atlanta can ultimately help you get cheap auto insurance in Atlanta.

What about you?  Do you have some other tips or ways that people in Atlanta can get cheap car insurance?

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