Content Marketing is your key to free, unlimited traffic and exposure for your business.

Content marketing – the art of producing content built around your business, and using that content to connect to new customers and build your brand.

The implications of effective content marketing are that you are producing your content on a platform that will get crawled, indexed, and exposed on major search engines (i.e. Google) very quickly.  The one platform I recommend you use for this purpose is WordPress.

WordPress is, without a doubt, built upon the most efficient code available for a CMS.  This allows search engines such as Google to quickly find your site, crawl your index, and make your pages available to customers who are searching for what you offer.  In fact, WordPress has such a strong reputation with Google that Matt Cutts, Google’s anti-spam engineer, uses it for his blog.

The Art of Content Marketing

There are certainly lots of ways to go about leveraging content for marketing.  But the down and dirty lesson is to use targeted keyword phrases in the title of your articles and throughout the content body.

What are targeted keyword phrases, you ask?

These are phrases that people would use to find the products and services your business offers, and with the added attributes of your metro area.  Although the metro area is not necessarily required and in some cases may make your title look… well… strange.

For example – let’s say I own a coffee shop in Athens, Georgia.  Here are some titles I may use to leverage content marketing for my business.  These would be titles for articles that I’d write and produce on my site (which is built on WordPress):

Why Coffee Is Key To Starting Your Day in Athens, Georgia

How Coffee Shops Are Changing The Way Local Businesses Hold Meetings

5 Ways Coffee Impacts Your Sex Life

Now that last title would surely capture a lot of attention, backlinks, and traffic – all of which would dramatically increase the authority of that article’s page, but also your overall website.

And no, I have no idea if coffee can actually impact your sex life or not – perhaps someone can elaborate on that topic in the comments :-)

The point here is that content, once published on your site, will be crawled and indexed in Google and made available in Google’s search results.  Now, when people are searching for coffee related products and services, your pages have a strong chance of being seen in the search results.

Beyond Search Results

Content marketing goes far beyond just getting exposure from Google search results.  The more content you produce, the more people will likely want subscribe to your sites RSS feed – of course, that’s if your content is interesting enough.

But content produced on your site can be shared in a lot of different ways.  People share links to content all the time in places like Facebook, Twitter, and other social sharing platforms like StumbleUpon and Digg.

The bottom line is, in order to build up your online presence and authority in Google search results with content, you have to start producing content.

So go ahead, build a simple WordPress blog and start writing articles.  Nothing needs to be fancy here, and you aren’t in pursuit of a Pulitzer Prize.  You just need to start writing because the more content you produce, the more like you are to connect to prospects in Google search and other platform.

And again, content marketing is free and will always be available in search engines.  Unlike paid platforms like Google Adwords where as soon as you stop paying, your content disappears.

Grow your location & domain authority, get found fast in search, and get more clicks, calls, & customers for your business.

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