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Google Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO Strategy – 6 Steps To Top Rankings in Google Local Search Results

The following article appeared in LinkedIn as one of Bipper Media’s featured articles and discusses the core strategy we follow regarding local SEO – the process of driving clients into the top search results of Google’s front page map listings.   Written by Bobby Ho

Mobile First SEO – Why Mobile Needs To Be A Big Part Of Your Overall SEO Strategy

When it comes to consumers searching for products and services, especially at the local level, mobile is quickly becoming the platform of choice.  In fact, Matt Cutts, a Google search engineer, has stated that as soon as this year, mobile search volume may surpass searches on desktops
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The Best Strategy For Local SEO Success

If you serve customers from a local market, it’s critically important for your business to show up in Google’s local search results. These search results are sometimes referred to as Google Maps listings. They are most easily identified as the results marked or ranked from
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What Every Small Business Website Needs To Be Stellar

Do you have a website that’s, well… less than stellar?  Well today’s your lucky day because here’s what every small business website needs to be ‘stellar’! And when I use the word “stellar” for a small business website, I’m thinkin
local seo secret revealed

Local SEO Secret Revealed: How To Take Advantage of Google’s Local Search Algorithm

With the onslaught of algorithm updates coming from Google lately, how in the world are you suppose to keep up with all the changes and make sure your local or small business reaches the top search results in Google? First of all, you can’t – so stop chasing algorithms. Se
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How Lawyers Can Respond To Losing Their Profile Pictures in Google Search

 Hi, I’m Bobby from Bipper Media and I want to take a moment to talk about Google’s recent decision to remove profile pictures from the search results in Google.   One industry that’s been especially hard hit is the legal industry where, in a matter of minutes, thous
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How Video Helps You Sell More From Your Small Business Blog

One of the best ways to sell more from your small business blog is through the use of video content. Video has proven, time and again, to be a more compelling source of content for visitors.  Primarily, video helps your visitors do less while consuming more. Think of it like this, if
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3 Digital Media Strategies For Growing Your Local or Small Business

Running a small or local business takes up enough of our time as it is, how in the world are we suppose to find time to do things like blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc…? I’ve got some good news for you… you don’t enough time to do all of the
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Here’s What You Do Now That Google Authorship Is Gone?

On June 25th, Google announced that it would be removing the small little profile pictures that appeared in the search results and that were the result of Google Authorship.  This was obviously a hard pill to swallow for a lot of local and small businesses.  We work with quite a few a
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Did Google Just Nix Google Authorship For Lawyers? Profile Pics Are Gone…

I couldn’t help but notice, as I was checking up on the rankings for several of our law firm clients, that none of the normal faces I’m used to seeing in Google search were showing up. Basically, I no longer see any profile pictures of attorneys who were leveraging Google

Video Authorship – Making Magic Happen in Google Search

Video Presentation on Video Authorship Bipper Media presentation on video authorship, video and brand marketing in Google search.  Learn more by visiting our article aboutvideo authorship here. Video authorship is one of the most amazing ways to brand your business, product, or servic
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The #1 SEO Mistake Website Owners & Bloggers Are Still Making

Produce authentic, original content that provides value to your visitors, or else you may find yourself disappearing completely from the top search results in Google! Back on May 20th, Google Engineer Matt Cutts announced that their latest algorithm update called Panda 4.0 was “
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The #1 Strategy To Selling More From Your Small Business Blog

In order to sell more from your small business blog, you have to learn to lead with valuable content first, and then your sales will come. This has been one of the toughest lessons for me to learn over the years as a small business owner, and as someone who runs a business blog.  Anyt
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The Five W’s To Highly Effective Small Business Blogging & SEO Content Writing

There’s a very simple strategy to follow when it comes to running a highly productive small business blog.  This same strategy can be used for producing content that ranks well in Google as well.  The strategy is nothing more than producing informative content that answers quest
small business blogging 21 reasons

21 Reasons To Start A Blog For Your Small Business

Are you a small business owner who’s on the fence about starting a blog?  Let me give you 21 reasons why I believe a small business blog is the best thing you can do for your business right now! It’s time. In today’s age of mass social media adoption, and the unprece
local seo success secret

The Secret to Local SEO Success Revealed

Wanna know how to dominate Google search results for your local market?  Here’s the formula to local SEO success: (Core Phrase + Metro Area) + (IP address) = Rankings One of the recent phenomena’s within Google’s algorithm has been the introduction of “IP addre
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How This Law Firm Mobile App Is Working To Produce Leads

Mobile Marketing Strategy for Law Firms With the a strategically designed mobile app, a law firm (or any small business) can quickly increase leads, calls, and sales for their business. I wanted to share a recent success story with one of our law firm clients who’s experiencing
embed facebook post to wordpress post

How To Embed A Facebook Post Into Your WordPress Post (VIDEO)

Video tutorial on how to embed a Facebook post into your WordPress blog post: Learn how to embed a Facebook post into your WordPress blog post.  A video tutorial from Bipper Media.  Watch on our site at On June 1
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3 Tips To Small Business Blogging Success

In order for a small business to connect with their audience, build traffic to their website, and generate new business, their small business blog must be “searchable”, “scanable”, and “consumable”. #1) Searchable The #1 traffic source to my blog, a
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3 Easy Tips To Launch Your Small Business Blog

Almost every small business owner these days is trying to figure out how to leverage the internet to grow their business. Whether it’s trying to figure out how to get a high quality website launched, or trying to figure out how to use social media for building their brand, small
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3 SEO Tips For Law Firm Websites (Slideshow)

What other attorneys are saying about Bipper Media: “Since Bipper took over our SEO, the increase in traffic, rankings, and exposure have been impressive. It is clear to me that Bipper Media is at the forefront of all things ‘digital media’!” (Attorney Michael C. Daniel) “
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How Your Small Business Can Take Advantage of Facebook’s ‘Pay to Play’ Advertising Policy

According to Inc., “in the past few weeks, Facebook has made it clear that in order to reach your customers, fans, and anyone else who has “liked” you on its platform, you’ll have to pay for Facebook ads. “Organic reach” of content from brands and s
parachuting off one wtc

Here’s What It’s Like To Parachute Off One WTC At Night

Four men charged with parachuting off of One World Trade Center in September pleaded not guilty in a Manhattan court on May 6. The hearing took place after the group posted new footage of their jumps online.

This is Why Your Content Marketing Efforts Aren’t Working

This is Why Your Content Marketing Efforts Aren’t Working (via By Tina Courtney-Brown in Featured Marketing Content marketing is not just a fad, it’s a full-on marketing movement — and for obvious reasons. Content is what makes the Web go ‘round
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How A Local Business Started Getting Calls Immediately With Facebook Mobile Ads

Almost immediately after launching our client’s Facebook mobile ad campaign, along with a simple mobile web app featuring a “tap to call” button, they started getting calls from new customers looking for a quote… Facebook mobile ads have been the most effective

Facebook’s Grid Tool – How To Create Ads To Meet Facebook’s 20% Text Exposure Rule

One thing I’m experiencing here at Bipper Media is the explosive growth of Facebook advertising.  Among it’s many benefits are the ability to drill down your demographic targeting such as setting a ‘mile radius’ around a certain city, home value demographics, a
vlab at uga

vLab UGA – How To Access, Use vLab At The University of Georgia

The New vLab at UGA The University of Georgia has an amazing new technology in place for students this year called vLab.   vLab allows students to access computer resources and software installed on desktop computers at the Miller Learning Center from any location, and any device such

How To Leverage Google Authorship For Your Business And Why You Need To Do This (Like Yesterday…)

Here’s a concept that you may have never heard about before but it’s called “Google Authorship“, and it allows anyone publishing content on the web to generate a thumbnail image with their search results. Let me give you a quick example of what I’m talkin

How To Brand Your Business On The Front Page of Google

The more local and small business owners I speak with, the more I realize one thing is true – everyone is trying to figure out how to gain even the slightest advantage over their competitors and even the big brands who compete in the local markets (i.e. Geico offices in Atlanta,

How To Use A Mobile Lead Generation Site To Get More Business

I probably don’t even need to tell you this, but mobile is hot… super hot in fact! Statistics show that consumers, especially local consumers, are starting to search for products and services more from their mobile devices than from their traditional computers and laptops.

3 Things Your Website Needs To Convert Visitors Into Sales

As a business owner, you probably would agree with me that nearly 100% of your current and future customers are on the web.  In fact, I’d argue that not only are nearly 100% of your customers and prospects on the web, but an overwhelming majority of them access the web, in some

What The Bible Teaches Us About Success & Content Marketing

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past 10 or so years of helping people with online marketing is that people have a lot of questions, and I spend a massive amount of time on the phone and on the web answering these questions. Yes, I’m compelled to help peopl

10 Steps To Getting More Customers From Your Website

Every business nowadays has a website.  Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of these business websites are nothing but “bait-less” hooks lingering in open waters. The problem is, according to most business owners I speak to, they have no idea how to bait that hook in

Looking For A Job? Post Your Resume on LinkedIn, and Make It Searchable in Google

So I just left the LinkedIn seminar on campus (University of Georgia), and want to first give a big shout out to Andrew Cain who did a great job presenting. Since it was a LinkedIn seminar, I of course dove head first into my LinkedIn profile and started tweaking everything.  Proof-re

Simple Trick To Get Google To Crawl And Index Your Website More Often… Works Every Time!

This is a question I’m asked frequently by business owners and webmasters who are trying to solve the problem of Google only crawling their website once every 7 to 10 days or more.  The crawl rate of a website (or the lack thereof) can be especially frustrating to website owners

3 Ways Content Marketing Can Increase Sales For Your Business

Are you ready to increase traffic to your website, more awareness and recognition for your brand, and ultimately more sales for your business? If so,  read on to learn how content marketing plays a key role in the success of your business! Here’s a simple concept for you.  it

10 Tips (Plus A Bonus) On Content Marketing For Local Business

Let me define “local” here for you quickly.  If your business earns revenue from a client base that either walks in your front door, drives up to your window, or places a phone call to you to make an order or schedule an appointment, then you probably have a local business

Outbound Linking, The Secret Sauce To ‘Trust & Authority’ For Top Rankings in Google

If trust and authority of your host domain is a key factor in ranking in Google search, then you need to focus on high quality outbound linking.  I’ll use, as an example, the page that went from unpublished to PR4 in less than 6 days – see the PR4 page here and an initial

Google Places SEO – 5 Tips For Higher Rankings

Looking for SEO in Athens, or SEO services in Atlanta?   Call Bipper Media today at 706-363-0335 Are you a local business that sells products or services? If so, do you have your Google Places page created yet? These are two critical questions because if you are a business that servic

3 Keys To Content Marketing & Lead Generation

I want to share with you the knowledge I’ve gained over the past 6 years working in the area of content marketing and lead generation.  I’ve learned what I know through nothing other than the school of hard knocks.  Lot’s of money, even more time, and even more sweat

How To Write Content That Dominates Google Search

Who in the world doesn’t want top search results in Google? If you are reading this article, then it I think it goes without saying that achieving the coveted front page – heck, even the top 3 search results in Google – is a dream that you wish you could achieve. Luc

3 Tips For Content Marketing Success

How do I get more traffic & exposure on the web? A common question indeed.  And one that many online marketers and small business owners have yet to answer. It’s been a well known fact since the late 1990′s, early 2000, when Google came on the seen with their revolutio

PR4 In 6 Days – How I Did It

Imagine going from non-existent (not even published yet…) to a PR4 (a Google PageRank of 4) in only 6 days!  Sound impossible?  It’s not – keeping reading and I’ll tell you exactly what I did, how I believed it happened!  This is an anomaly in the world of Page

3 Simple, Yet Powerful Reasons To Consider Content Marketing For Your Business

Content marketing is the “hidden jewel” in any business that’s experiencing success in their online marketing, branding, and customer acquisition efforts via the web. You may or may not even recognize the term content marketing.  The Internet and technology are advan

3 Reasons For Running Image Only Ads With Google Adsense

I want to share with you an amazing revelation I had just the other day with Google Adsense that has 100% changed my approach to maximizing my earnings with Adsense. As you already know, sites that are running Google Adsense are a dime a dozen.  It’s hard to go anywhere on the w

Content Marketing – The Key To Free, Unlimited Traffic & Exposure

Content Marketing is your key to free, unlimited traffic and exposure for your business. Content marketing – the art of producing content built around your business, and using that content to connect to new customers and build your brand. The implications of effective content ma