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At Bipper Media, our mission is simple….  Create. Connect. Convert.


reate — we create high quality websites, web pages, videos, and other pieces of content that Google thrives on.  We then create high quality structure with our client’s web properties such as their website, LinkedIn pages, Facebook pages, etc… this high quality association and structure allows our client’s websites to quickly elevate to the top search results in Google.


onnect: — as our clients reach the top search results in Google, we cause them to not only rank high for their targeted keyword phrases, but they also stand out definitively from all of their clients.  This “standing out definitively” is attributed to the Google authorship implementation that we establish for our clients.  And when our clients are found at the top of Google, and are standing out definitively from all of their competitors, they are now able to connect quickly to new leads, prospects, and sales for their business.


onvert: — as our clients increasingly attract high quality traffic to their websites as a result of their top rankings and exposure, and are branding their business in a powerful way on the front page of Google, we ensure sure our client’s websites are designed in such a way as to quickly convert these visitors into leads, prospects, and ultimately… paying customers. 

Regarding the “art of SEO”

In a lot of ways, I’ve come to realize that SEO is a lot like art – meaning, you can teach people the technicalities of SEO, but effectively implementing these techniques, and thus driving clients legitimately to the top search results of Google because “they actually deserve to be there”, are two totally different things – the latter is something you simply cannot teach.

I’m a long time student of search optimization and online marketing.  Not only do I work with clients who are reaching customers all over the world, but I also hold free seminars and training events to teach new business owners, entrepreneurs, and even long standing businesses, what to look for in their websites in order build a strong online presence, increase targeted traffic to their websites, and how to track analytics in order to capitalize on high quality and profitable traffic.


What we do here at Bipper Media

At Bipper Media, we are all about branding our clients on the front page of Google in a way that causes them to stand out definitively from all of their competitors.  This allows our client’s websites to harvest the overwhelming majority of traffic from people searching in Google for their products and services.

Our track record of success spans hundreds of keyword phrases, and our clients range from small town shops to premier law firms in some of the largest cities in the U.S.

Bipper Media’s reputation for delivering amazing value to our clients is spreading fast, and as a result, we now work with global clients targeting some of the most competitive keyword phrases in the world.

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Bobby Holland
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