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It’s been amazing to watch how Bobby not only got us to #1 in Google, but how he makes us stand out in the search results… somehow he has cracked thecode!

(Attorney Mo Wiltshire,


Search Marketing for Local Businesses

Bipper Media makes use of a wide range of techniques in digital media, video marketing, mobile app development, keyword research, and search marketing (SEO) techniques in order to give our clients optimal exposure in all major search engines.  In order for a local business to achieve the #1 ranking in Google, it’s critically important to pay attention to every detail that matters.  And why is that?  Because when it comes to Google’s local search algorithm, and the myriad of variables that goes into the rankings, the business that pays attention and optimizes every single detail with precision and accuracy is the business that will inevitably sky-rocket to the top of the search results.  And once you reach the top of Google’s local search results, you can expect your phone to start ringing from high quality customers who are searching for your products and services.

Why Is Local Search Marketing Important?

I can imagine by now that you’ve realized that most adults in the United States have one thing in common – they are all carrying an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, or some other mobile device.  This is important because not only are they carrying around smartphones, but they are using their mobile devices more than ever to search for local businesses and the products and services they offer.  The introduction of apps like the Google search app, Yahoo Search, Bing, Yelp, and others… makes it easier for local customers to find businesses.  Not to mention technology like Google’s voice search that allows you to simply speak your search query into your iPhone and have the results appear instantly.

Let’s run through some numbers that show the explosive growth in local mobile search:

  • 91% (and growing fast…) of adults in the U.S. own a smartphone or mobile device.
  • 97% of consumers search for local businesses online (mobile devices and computers).
  • 95% of mobile phone owners use their device to search for local businesses.
  • 90% of locally targeted searches result in a purchase or visit to the local business.
  • Businesses found in the top 10 search results (front page) of Google get 78% more traffic their websites.
  • The #1 ranked business in Google gets 85% of the calls for new business.


The bottom line is, regardless of what type of business, product, or service you offer to your local area, well over 90% of your highest quality prospects are searching for you on Google using their mobile phones and computers. And since very few people searching ever go beyond page one in Google, if you aren’t found quickly then you simply won’t get noticed and your competitors will get all the calls.


Call Today:  706-363-0335


Bipper Media has taken our online exposure to a whole new level… the results have been amazing!

(Hollis Griggs,


Since bringing on Bipper Media, we’ve seen an 80% increase in business as a result of our increased rankings in Google.

(Aimie Fritz,


Since working with Bipper Media, we’ve seen tremendous growth from our ‘high impact’ website and our top rankings in Google that brings in new visitors to our church.

(Pastor Scott Sheppard,


Bipper Media has tremendously improved our website SEO. They came in, saw what needed to be done, researched our industry and competitors, provided their professional opinion and then went above and beyond to make it happen. And it didn’t stop there. Bipper Media continues to provide high quality and detailed reporting along with proposals to take our SEO even further. They are big picture thinkers. They are quick to respond and always there to answer questions. Bipper Media staff are our go-to problem solvers. The consulting they give with each project we have is well thought out specifically for us, not a text book answer. They have gone beyond our expectations and we are excited for our continued growth together.

(Jordan Castari,



Call Today:  706-363-0335

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